#1 Beggar Chicken in Klang Valley

Hong Kee has been selling beggar chicken since 1970. until now they are still insist by cooking chicken at a time in order to ensure their recipe & taste is irreplaceable.

Most of their foods are wrapped in mud and buried under burning charcoal for at least 6 hours as they believe that's the only way to make sure of the taste of their secret sauce will be completely infiltrate into the chicken. Which is the exactly what makes them stand out from the competitor.

How can such amazing dishes being delivered by just sending the chicken, there's where Runningman comes in and decided to take the challenge of sending the entire mud rock directly over to you !


#BEST Korean BBQ in Ampang

ZEN BBQ have been standing as the best Authentic Korean BBQ in Ampang area ever since theny have established by constantly improving on their menu and collecting feedbacks form all their customers !

Now ZEN BBQ has been taking up the callenge together with Runningman by providing disposable grill together with Skewer Ready foods in order for consumers to enjoy Dine-In Experience Korean BBQ at the vewry own home.

By offering so, ZEN BBQ hopes to serve even for those that are out of Ampang area, and hoping that consumers will now no longer required to travel a long distance but still get to enjoy the foods they have perpared wholeheartedly.

Two Chefs Lab

#Award Winning Sashimi Chefs of Malaysia

Aside from fresh ingredient, what is the other factor that makes a good Sashimi you asked ? Most certainly is the chef, and the chef that we are having here in Two Chefs Lab is Chef 蔡国华 the ( Malaysia Representative for International Best Sushi Challenge ) and of course also the World Top Gourmet Award Winner ! 

Frankly speaking, who doesn't use fresh ingredients for Sashimi ? That's basic, but how frequent can you have a combination together with the World Finest Quality Ingredients & Nationally Recognised Best Chef & The best food delivery service team to R&D on the delivery method specifically for you and deliver it right to your door step while you're watching Hell's Kitchen ?

On a side note, we've tried so hard on the R&D to making sure that the finest quality is being delivered right to you, we overdid it by ensuring now it is able to deliver nationwide. What an effort...

Green Talk Healthy Organic & Cafe

#Malaysia TOP5 Organic Restaurant

You may have tried Lei Cha, but have you ever tried Lei Cha that's SO THICH and yet you WILL NOT feel the roughness of the blended ingredients ? I know it sounds crazy but that's exactly gonna be you when you've try it too !

Lei Cha commonly known as " isn't suitable " for everyone but this leicha does MAGIC, even people who doesn't likes organic stuffs or rather doesn't even like vegetables will fall in love for this ! As they have made their taste very majority friendly and you will not feel the " GREENY " taste from vegetables ( #FunFact which is what makes people hates vege ) and yet it is completely made from 100% organic ingredients, some are event planted by the owner himselfs.

Problem about Lei Cha is that it oxydises very instantly, therefore our team has been working very on the R&D and ensuring the delivery process will be able to survive the delivery process, again we overdid it, so now we are able to deliver nationwide for this item too..

Poon Kee Dessert

#Since 1953

Poon Kee has been the #1 choice for dessert from morning to night for Cheras Foodie. For over 50 years, Poon Kee has been serving the same menu which reflect them mastering the only few thing for over 50 years and with that, you can imagine how's the taste !

With the collaboration together with Runningman, we have helped on improving the packaging by using seal pack, which avoid the dessert from oxydising and remaining the closest taste as possible that you can enjoy just like Dine-in.

As a foodie ourself, how can we be so selfish for keeping this amazing dessert for our own, so after several weeks of R&D, this dessert is now ready to be delivered nationwide.

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